WOW! What a Scorcher

Well if only all our British summers could be like it has been this week – it’s been a brilliant week for the polytunnel.  Everything has been growing like crazy, I can honestly say if you stood still long enough my pumpkin plant would have grabbed you!

The temperatures in mypolytunnel have hit around 30°C, so obviously keeping the doors open has been imperative, to give ventilation. I haven’t noticed many plants wilting in the heat, so have kept up regular watering, little and often has been my motto (morning & evening)!  Although I have not watered during the midday sun, for obvious reasons!  One thing that has been apparent is that my plants have not been scorched by the sun thanks to the UV filter in the polytunnel cover – I’m glad I went for the Sterilite SuperThermic cover!

This is the technical description for the cover! -

Benefits from an 8 year UVI package with a 5 year UVI breakdown guarantee and contains a special anti drip additive (AF) to reduce condensation in the tunnel. It incorporates the latest (MLLDPE) SuperStrength polymer technology to give a film which is stronger and more gale resistant than some films which are up to 50% thicker and with a light transmission of ~88%. Its special temperature control properties (TCF) will keep the tunnel cooler in the summer than other thermic or clear films, and because of its exclusive SuperThermic additive it will be warmer in the winter, extending the growing season into the Autumn and bringing it forward in the Spring. Used by many of the countries organic and exhibition growers it won the Four Oaks Trade Show best new product award 1996 for its ability to reduce Aphids and Whitefly as well as fungal diseases such as downy mildew and botrytis.

The cucumbers and are coming thick and fast, almost quicker than we can eat, as well the peppers are doing very well and are a good size, idea for kebab’s on the bar-b-q!  Tomatoes are starting to ripen so I hope to be tasting one or two at the weekend, as long as someone has not got there before me!

Will update the blog with some photos of the frantic growing!


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