The Doors – The Build Part 4

The final part of the build was to add the doors at each end, these consist of  2 x 4′ sliding doors.  The doors are simple frames covered with the same material as is covering the polytunnel.

After measuring the height of the doors and working out how high to place the runner, we screwed the runner in place.  Then the doors where slide on and the door stops put in place so, and voila!  all done

I did cut out one section of plastic on each end and add a mesh screen, so there was ventilation, even when the doors are closed.  However this working fine until we had some strong wings one weekend and everything inside was being blown around left, right and centre.  So I covered over the bottom door with some left over plastic from the cover, the top door had a sort of roller blind constructed so we could at least open and close the vents easily.

Once again this was a good idea until a strong wind blew the blind off it’s securing nail and flipped it up and went through the top of the polytunnel!  I now have a 4″ x 2″ hole above the door for extra ventilation!!  I have covered the hole with some tape whilst I wait for some repair tape to turn up!

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