Digging the Beds – The Build Part 3

Planning for the beds in the polytunnel was pretty easy really – for the 1st year we decided upon one up each side with a walkway up the middle – creating the beds was another matter.

The ground the polytunnel sits on has not been used for growing for around 20 years so it’s pretty compact and was quit stoney, to say the least.  Digging with a fork was not an option, so again with the aid of a family member and more boys toys the beds started to make shape!

This part was done before the cover was on, as one wrong turn and we’d have probably gone through the side of the tunnel!! Once the cover was on I did attempt to fork the beds again – boy was I cream crackered after doing just one side.

After doing one bed I was offered the use of a smaller rotavator – I quickly jumped at the offer! With the polytunnel cover on it was a competition to see who stopped first – me due to dehydration or the rotavator running out of fuel! Before I ran the rotavtor over the soil, I emptied almost half a bag of compost onto the soil, just to give it some more nutrients. The compost came from compostdirect.com, and was reasonably priced, so this should the soil some added umph.

Each bed needed something to keep the soil in the beds, so one side was edged with 3″ half round timber.  On the higher side we used 6″ x 2″ boards as there was more soil to keep in.

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