Death by Beer


With all the lovely weather we have been having lately, nice if your a duck – I have noticed a mass influx of slugs a flies.  This has led to the use of slug pellets, which I am not keen on using. So after a recommendation from my step-father about beer traps for slugs I have purchased 2 such traps to fill with my homebrew!

Hopefully the beer should attract the slugs as mush as it does me, must remember to check regularly, I don’t want slug soup!  In addition to the slug influx I am been eaten alive, we I’m not but my chillis have taken a good hit over the past few weeks, as the flies are pretty hungry as well.  As wall as slug traps I have purchased some white traps, ie stick yellow paper.

I’m hoping this will do the same as the marigolds and attract them to this rather than my plants!  Will keep you posted.

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